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Consumer Protection with Gamers Nexus

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When Creative Electron’s Gamers Nexus fan club shared their video of the NZXT H1 riser catching fire, we felt compelled to reach out and see how we might help.  We were attracted by their genuine interest in resolving a serious consumer safety issue.  That, and the pyrotechnics got our attention.

Turned out, they did think that X-ray inspection of the riser cable might help.  By comparing the original to it’s replacement, it helped give some confidence that the new riser cables that NZXT were providing would likely resolve the fire hazard.

Since helping others make better products is central to our mission, it was a natural extension for us to do what we could to lend a hand (and a few photons) to Gamers Nexus.  It created a bit of a buzz around the office when we saw our X-ray images featured in their follow-up video.  We’re looking forward to what ever they decide to throw at us next.

If you are dying to get a look at the system that we used to produce those images, see the TruView™ Fusion X-ray system here.  Questions? We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out.


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