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Get Lost in the Apple AirTag with iFixit


The long awaited and much anticipated Apple AirTags are finally here.  With a little help from some X-ray images provided by Creative Electron, our pals at iFixit wasted no time tearing one down and evaluating them.


The team at iFixit is pretty excited to finally see an Apple product with an easily replaceable battery.  X-ray images reveal a lot of complexity in this little product, including the magnet used for it’s compact speaker.  You may also find the X-ray images a useful reference if you are going to try to execute iFixit’s key ring hack. The AirTags, the first new product from Apple in sometime, bring some new capabilities to the category of compact tracking devices, and we are really interested to see all the ways folks wind up using them.

We love iFixit’s addition of the Quarter X-ray!

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