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Google Pixel XL X-Ray Teardown

The launch of the new generation of Google phones, the Google Pixel, gained a much larger dimension since the debacle with the Samsung Note 7. In this post we share with you the x-ray teardown of the Google Pixel XL, the large form-factor device Google released today. As per usual, our friends at ifixit did a complete teardown, which you can find here.

Here’re the x-ray images of the new Google Pixel XL:

We also got a cool video of the vibration motor in the Pixel XL:

If you were wondering how similar this vibration motor looks when compared to the taptic engine in the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, here’s a side-by-side video of both engines in action:

We used a high magnification x-ray machine (the TruView Prime) to check some of the details around the phone:

And here’s the whole Google Pixel XL!

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