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Google puts a squeeze on the smartphone market!

The new Google Pixel phones have been released into the wild! We got our hands on the models and did what we do best, nondestructive x-ray inspection. Before we even powered on our TruView Prime 90kV x-ray system we were already concerned. Flagship phones are expected to have some sacrifices to stay at the forefront of design evolution, i.e. no audio jack. Right out of the box we noticed the new smartphones had no audio jack and lacked a glass or plastic back to allow for inductive charging. Our x-ray image of the Pixel 2 XL below confirms the lack of inductive coil inside the Pixel. Where Google did take a chance was in the integration of an HTC tech, Active Edge. Essentially a pair of “squeeze sensors” placed down the left and right edges of the phone. Creative Electron will be monitoring the position of these sensors after extended use and see if its use affects the phones integrity. We had a blast working in collaboration with our friends at iFixit as one does when two groups of geeks and nerds meet!

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