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Hands Free Defect Detection

Defect Detection

Imagine how your product and process can benefit from automated material handling and autonomous X-ray inspection, and get Creative.  TruView™ Fusion is a cost-effective, highly-adaptable system used to inspect a diversity of products including medical devices, circuit boards, small castings, and much more.  Whether you need a semi-automated system supported by operators, or a completely hands-free, fully automated, and autonomous system, TruView™ Fusion will be configured precisely to your application.

Easily adapted to your manufacturing process for inline or offline inspection, TruView™ Fusion is a proven platform for powerful, high-resolution X-ray imaging.  This robust hardware, paired with an automated FANUC robot inside, enables automated batch inspection tailored to virtually any product.  Your component, subassemblies, or finished product, packaged or not, can be inspected in multiple orientations, with your established pass/fail criteria. The system includes barcode scanning, image archiving, and software tailored to your exact inspection and data analytics requirements.

To learn how Creative Electron’s TruView™ Fusion can help you achieve your quality and production goals, reach out to one of our Xperts today.

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