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Happy New Year: 2020, The Decade of the X-ray Revolution

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020: The Decade of the X-ray Revolution

Welcome to a new decade and a new world. A world where technology is an essential tool for a better life and a better planet! As a result, the X-ray inspection systems market is exploding due to increased demand by consumers for guaranteed quality in what we buy and how we live. As a result, X-ray is now being used to detect minute defects in products of all sorts – including food and beverages, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and others. Rising security concerns are also contributing to the demand for X-ray machines. It has become all about quality of life, and X-ray is pivotal in that goal.

Creative Electron’s TruView Fusion

Market Research Future (MRFR) has recently published a detailed report stating that the global X-ray inspection systems market is expected to expand 8% in the next ten years. And it makes sense. In our new tech-savvy culture, there is a focus on quality and purity in all aspects of our lives that were often ignored in the past.

Batch X-ray of Seeds

The general population is no longer willing to mindlessly purchase goods and services in blind faith the source is safe and healthy. The modern demand that products be “organic” and “natural” has given birth to a more informed world, as well as forced transparency in branding and disclosure.

In response to this new global philosophy, the incorporation of automatic digital X-ray inspection systems has driven manufacturing companies to take preemptive action to discover issues in products before shipping. This early detection of defects in vehicle and aircraft designs is helping to propel growth through efficiency and design quality.

Tale a look inside!

There are still some reservations about this new focus. The fear of X-ray issues of the past is hard to erase and there is some hesitation from some manufacturers to implement this technology. Luckily, education and global use of X-ray is changing minds and the world is now embracing this revolution.

In the new decade, we at Creative Electron are prepared to help lead that charge. By spearheading the direction of the future of the industry, we will continue to create safe and effective X-ray inspection systems to help drive this new demand, improve industry and help create a better world for all.

Happy New Year from Creative Electron

Happy New Year from Creative Electron


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