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History Informs the Present

How does a century old polar expedition inform our response to the current pandemic?  His latest X-rayted Files column for SMT007Week, exemplifies how Dr. Bill Cardoso’s fondness for history compliments his passion for science and technology, and informs his leadership at Creative Electron.

Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen’s trek to the South Pole, popularized of late by James C. Collins in his book Great by Choice, is the inspiration for the concept of the 20 mile march.  Amundsen’s team is said to have committed themselves to marching 20 miles per day toward their goal, regardless of conditions.  Their unwavering discipline allowed them to succeed where others failed.  Dr. Cardoso’s column reviews Amundsen’s historic achievement and explores the inspiring ways that today’s enterprising teams are continuing to march, despite current conditions.  It’s a great read, both inspiring and hopeful. If you like the column, you might also enjoy Philip Stoten’s interview with Dr. Cardoso.

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