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How Does it Work? Tire Pressure Gauge

How Does it Work? Tire Pressure Gauge

There are so many devices out there we have all used or seen somebody else work with it. Today we examine such a device. The simple tire pressure gauge. So often the person at the gas station, the tech at the tire shop or the roadside assistant has dropped to one knee, pushed the little post over the tire stem and watched a small needle jump under pressure to let us know the tire is inflated to the correct pressure. But how does it work? What makes the needle move? We decided to find out. We began with an internal x-ray to see the working components.


As you can see, there is a mechanism inside that turns pressure into tension, and that tension compresses a spring and that spring, thru a set of gears, pushes the needle to the proper number. But that still leaves the mystery of how this all happens. Our real-time x-ray technology answers that question. Take a look. Amazing how we take something like this for granted. Not anymore!