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IC Packaging

In high-reliability industries – automotive, medical, aerospace, and military – X-ray inspection systems must catch the smallest failures in integrated circuit (IC) packaging. There are lives depending on it. Our TruView™ X-ray inspection systems are designed with this stringent requirement in mind, making them the ideal solution to applications where failure is not an option.

Added to the state-of-the-art hardware that powers the TruView™ X-ray platform is a powerful set of algorithms. Not only can TruView™ accurately identify and measure defects, it can also make decisions. When layered with one of our artificial intelligence engines, TruView™ can go from an automated machine to a fully autonomous system.

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Wire Bonds

One of the most reliable ways to connect bare dies to substrates, wire bonds are still the preferred way to package ICs. Use your  TruView™ X-ray system to assure you that the wire is properly attached to both sides of the connection. This is the ideal inspection technology to look for lifts, cracks, and breaks.

Package on Package (PoP)

The development of Package on Package (PoP) technology has been a key enabler to the miniaturization of electronic devices, from medical implantables to smartphones. Your  TruView™ X-ray system is more than ever a necessity to identify potential connectivity issues between the multiple layers of vertical integration.