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iFixit: Apple iMac 27″ 2020 Teardown

Our friends at iFixit accused us of showing off a bit this time around as we provided X-ray images of the Apple iMac for their latest teardown.  Guilty as charged… you see, while we unpacked the iMac as usual to X-ray the computer, we just couldn’t resist imaging the keyboard and mouse while still in their original packaging, because we could (calling all reverse logistics pros).

Apple iMac, click to enlarge



This teardown of Apple’s 27” iMac “document(s) the last iMac of the Intel era.”  iFixit’s team reveals new features of this iMac, and disassemble it to evaluate its repairability as well as any opportunities for possible upgrades.  Like so many of their teardowns, this offers those who might attempt repair of one of these systems a sense of what they’re in for, as well as some important pitfalls to avoid. One such example being the unexpected location of the webcam and accompanying screws and cable, which complicate the removal of the case. The X-ray image, of course, can be pretty handy in identifying such challenges before disassembly gets underway.  Read their tear down report to get all their insights and to see their repairability score for the Apple iMac.

Keyboard and mouse, imaged in packaging.

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