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iFixit, our Geekiest Partner Yet

Pretty much all of us at Creative Electron are geeks, eager to explore the latest in technology. So we were ecstatic to be able to work with our fellow geeks over at iFixit who love to take tech apart and see what is inside. Since 2014, we have been collaborating with them to provide the world with X-ray images of all the latest technological gadgets. With an initial focus on cutting-edge Apple products, our relationship has grown to encompass nearly anything they take apart.

Our biggest adventures were flying together to Sydney, Australia, to be some of the first people to get our hands on the latest iPhone, drive to a nearby customer of ours, X-ray image the entire thing and broadcast iFixit’s live teardown. Motherboard even joined us in 2018 to document the adventure:

We have driven to their offices in San Luis Obispo several times to work on a project. When Apple first released their AirPods, iFixit produced a video with us on the 3D rendering that we reconstructed through CT technology to explore the immense amount of technology crammed into such a small space.

Not only are they driven by curiosity, we love their mission of supporting the global repair movement in their efforts to breathe life into all forms of electronic devices in the battle against planned obsolescence. It’s been a treat for us to be able to contribute to this effort, and we’ve managed to learn a lot along the way.

If you’re interested in looking at the history of cutting-edge tech that we have collaborated with iFixit on, you can find most of our X-ray teardowns over the years in our News page under the “Teardowns” category. The collaborations will have links to iFixit’s blogs or videos for more details on the physical teardown.