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iFixit’s Google Pixel 4a Teardown

In their recent teardown, our pals at iFixit dig into the latest budget smart phone from Google, the Pixel 4a.  While not surprising for a phone at this price, the X-ray images provided by Creative Electron immediately reveal the absence of wireless charging coils.  In disassembling the Pixel 4a, the iFixit team discover some unique new approaches to smart phone construction.

Of note, two things about the screen are revealed immediately, that it is relatively easy to remove, and that it is “largely unprotected.”  So, on the one hand, potentially easy to damaged, but on the other, easy to replace.  It’s unique construction make the back on the Pixel 4a easy to replace as well, so two of the most common repairs are fairly easy.  See their complete teardown here, and get their repairability score.  Below, are some additional X-ray images.

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