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Incrementalism: Apple iPhone 13

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The word most associated with the new iPhone 13 updates seems to be “incremental,” but when it comes to Right to Repair, it might best be described as insidious.  Once again, we worked with the Right to Repair champions at iFixit, providing X-ray images of the Apple iPhone 13 for their latest teardown.

It’s true that many incremental changes add up to create the new Apple iPhone 13.  Most obvious is the new camera, which should excite aspiring filmmakers.  While front screen repair turns out to be relatively easy, it comes with one big hitch: if not performed by Apple, the face ID function will be lost.  It’s a move in the wrong direction regarding Right to Repair, and iFixit says it best, “Software component pairing needlessly complicates many repairs, undermines the credibility of third party repair, and reduces critical functionality of the device when repaired without Apple’s proprietary calibration tools.”  Check out their complete teardown to get their repairability score.

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