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Innovation Challenge: Minions Need not Apply!


At Creative Electron we pride ourselves on our core values, not the least of which is creativity.  As a result, our annual innovation challenge is just about the most exciting time of year around Creative Electron world headquarters.

With serious prize money on the line, not to mention braggin’ rights, our “Creatives” get pretty fired up.  A panel of independent judges, made up of local business leaders, evaluates and scores the presentations on creativity, innovation, and impact on our company.  Our panel is never disappointed, and always impressed by the strength of the presentations and the enthusiasm with which they are delivered.

Winners are revealed while we all break bread at the end of the day.  The culmination of the event just exudes comradery.  And while there is real value to Creative Electron in the ideas that are generated each year, it’s really hard to imagine a better team building activity.

Conquering this year’s challenge was the dynamic duo of Andrew Gedker (of our manufacturing team) and  Anton Navaso (from our engineering team).  Together they developed REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED, an idea that will have a lasting impact on the company and it’s bottom line.  There were lots of great ideas from other presenters that also show great potential, like REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED, and REDACTED REDACTED. Anyhow, if I tell you more that I’ll have to… you know, (unpleasantries).

Put the Creative team to work for you.  Reach out today, and we’ll give you X-ray vision, and more!

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