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Inside the Amazon Dash Button – X-Ray Teardown

The new Amazon Dash Button – now available to Prime members – is the ultimate step in convenience shopping. If you haven’t seen it yet, the Amazon Dash Button allows you to buy a specific product – in this case Huggies diapers – at the click of a button. This little device communicates to your Amazon Prime account using the local WIFI network. The setup of the device is easy, all you need is a smartphone (iPhone or Android) with the Amazon App. Follow a few steps, and your account settings are sent to the Dash Button using the speaker of your phone to the microphone in the Dash. You can actually hear as your data is sent to the Dash!

Now let’s look inside this new Amazon device, starting with a 360 rotation of the Dash and the animated overlay:




1. Negative side of AAA battery – note 2 of the 3 screws used to keep the Dash together


2. Detail profile of the push button, and a profile of the PCB showing its many copper layers 



3. A side view of the complex electronics that drive the Amazon Dash Button


4. Side view of the positive side of the battery. 

5. Top view of the positive side of the Dash’s AAA battery. At the edge is the microphone used to receive the configuration data from your smartphone



6. Top view of the negative side of the AAA battery

7. Detailed electronics – WIFI radio, power supply module, and the dedicated microprocessor that turns a push button into a buying machine


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