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Inside the best Samsung phones yet

Inside the best Samsung phones yet

The new family of Samsung phones is out, and it’s the best we’ve seen from the giant Korean manufacturer. From the humble S10e to the extravagant S10+, the new Galaxy flock brings state of the art technology to your hands. It will be interesting to see how Apple will react to the S10 upgrade. Here’s a quick overview of the S10 family – inside and out!

Starting on the left with the S10e, middle with the S10, and right with the S10+, we can clearly see the new constellation of cameras in the new Samsung lineup. Although all the Galaxies sport wide-angle and ultra-wide cameras, only the S10 and S10+ get bonus telephoto cameras.

You may be asking yourself why the S10+ is darker than its siblings? Different x-ray settings? Not really. Well, the S10+ has a unique ceramic back cover, which is more opaque to x-rays than the glass back cover found in the S10e and S10. Why has Samsung decided to go ceramic with their top-of-the line S10+? The claim is that ceramic offers a more premium look and feel. They’re right, the S10+ feels high-end, but it is also heavier. The internationally recognized Mohs scale of mineral hardness places it slightly lower than diamond and sapphire. This means that no mineral can scratch the ceramic back except for diamond and sapphire (we didn’t try it). Samsung will be a bit late to the ceramic party. Xiaomi has been using it on some smartphones since 2016. The Essential Phone is another device with a ceramic back.

One of the big technology introductions in the S10+ is the ultrasonic fingerprint reader – which allows the phone to identify your fingerprint through the display. Our friends at ifixit found the ultrasound sensor glued to the display – making its removal it a challenge even for the teardown experts. Trust me, they’ve tried it… The following photos show their failed attempt to remove the fingerprint reader and its x-ray. Note the lack of connectors in the x-ray image… this thing is fused to the display!

Ultrasonic fingerprint reader
X-ray of ultrasonic fingerprint reader

Geek level 11

As usual we like to have an extra session for our super geek friends. Here’re some x-ray images we took of the S10+, try to figure out what are they!

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