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iPad Pro: The answer before the question.

Coming this fall. That’s the answer Apple is giving us. It’s a straight forward, simple answer. The tech giant is referring to the iOS 11 rollout scheduled for Q4. The question? Why has the new iPad Pro been jam-packed with a seemingly excessive amount of tech goodness? The tech community is buzzing with silicon vernacular: virtual reality, artificial intelligence, triple digit refresh rates etc. But most importantly is the revitalization of the laptop killer argument. An argument causing a stir even here at the Creative Electron office! Around these parts we shoot first, ask questions later; so, before anyone could experience the 120hz retina display we shot this 10.5-inch tablet full of x-rays, courtesy of the TruView™ Prime. The resulting image seen here gives us an insight into the glass and aluminum beauty awaiting its software awakening. At the very heart, we see Apple’s powerful A10X chip. We also got some awesome x-ray images of the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard. Want to see a teardown of the new iPad Pro? Head on over to our friends at iFixit!


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