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LED, BGA, and QFN Assembly and Inspection Tutorial

Date: August 6, 2014, 9AM to 5PM

Location: 253 Pawnee St., San Marcos, CA 92078

In this one-day tutorial we will cover the manufacturing of the most challenging surface mount parts to assemble and inspect today: LEDs, BGAs, and QFNs. The tutorial will focus on the pitfalls of manufacturing and inspecting PCBs with these devices. Presentations will provide content to solve many of the technical challenges encountered by luminaire integrators and contract manufacturers. This tutorial is targeted at manufacturing, process, and quality personnel responsible for designing, implementing and/or controlling the surface mount device application and inspection process. Those personnel responsible for training operators and technicians to perform assembly inspection or control the manufacturing process would also benefit from this tutorial.

The event will be divided in two sessions. In the morning session we will cover basic and advanced topics in surface mount device assembly and inspection. Among the topics covered in the morning session are:

–       How LED material handling and storage impact assembly performance

–       LED x-ray inspection: How voids cost you money

–       Case study: How lack of quality killed a successful LED company

–       Process design for BGA and QFN assembly and rework

–       BGA and QFN x-ray inspection: How to see what often goes wrong

–       X-Ray as a tool for quality process design and control

In the afternoon session we will use a library of assemblies for a hands-on session at Creative Electron’s Advanced Solutions Lab, which is fully equipped with multiple x-ray inspection systems and rework stations. Attendees are welcome to bring their own assemblies for a live inspection with industry experts.

Hours: 9AM to 5PM.

Cost: $150; lunch and appetizers included. All major credit cards accepted

Early bird registration: $100 if registered before 7/30.

This tutorial is limited to 10 attendees. Send an email today to or call us at 760.752.1197 to reserve your seat.

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