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LG G4 Teardown with X-Rays


Last week we spent some quality time with our friends at tearing down the new LG G4.  Other than the genuine leather finish, the G4 packs an incredible set of specs that include a beautiful 5.5” display with 2560 x 1440 of resolution (Quad HD – 538 ppi), a removable battery, and up to 2TB in the microSD card. It’s clear LG designed the G4 to cater to the users who complained about Samsung’s decision to drop the replaceable battery and microSD card on the new Galaxy S6. To make the point clear, LG is offering a free 32GB microSD card and an extra battery pack, if you buy your G4 by the end of the month.

The G4 looks great on the outside – let’s see how does it look inside!


Rear and Front Facing Cameras

Vibration Motor

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