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Lower Your Golf Score with X-ray


For all the pleasure there is in playing a round of golf, there are times the game can be incredibly frustrating.  Despite all that time spent at the driving range, and those carefully selected premium golf balls, your shots can still go inexplicably astray.  It’s possible though, that your last horrible slice was not your fault.

Concentricity is at the core

Even the finest swing won’t overcome a poorly made ball that is out of balance.  Multi-core golf balls, now the standard among the best balls available, will only travel in a predictable trajectory if the various layers are perfectly concentric.  If the core of the ball is off-center, it won’t fly straight now matter how perfectly you strike it.  It’s for this reason that the best balls available undergo careful X-ray examination before they reach consumers.

X-ray for your lowest score

Multi-axis X-ray inspection allows manufacturers to precisely measure and evaluates core concentricity in their advanced dual-core balls.  Callaway is an example of one of the manufacturers who have invested in X-ray technology in an effort to deliver premium balls in every sleeve.  The ability to measure core and mantle concentricity ensures that every ball that winds up in your bag is precisely tuned to achieve the perfect shot.  The rest is up to you!

The value of X-ray inspection doesn’t stop at golf balls, of course.  With all the noise about the inconsistency of MLB’s baseballs, perhaps pitchers could similarly benefit from X-ray validation.  If you’d like to learn more about how X-ray inspection is supporting the manufacturing of the highest quality products, including premium golf balls, please reach out today.

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