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MacBook Pro 16 inch

MacBook Pro 16. Amazing performance. I may be partial, but I’m also a realist! Take a look!

As a Mac user from the beginning (my first machine was a Centris 650) I have always been at home on the Apple platform. Through it all, I knew that one day, Mac would prove its superiority, hands down. I think it has with the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. It is something of a greatest-hits compilation of MacBook features. The body’s shape, size and weight are very close to the 15-inch Pro, a well-established standard for high-end laptops. The 3,072×1,920 Retina display has amazing clarity, coming close to matching the 5K screen on my iMac.

Most important is the keyboard. Apple says this new version is based on the standalone Magic Keyboard the company includes with its iMac desktops and also sells separately. These keyboards are amazing, even for a guy with fingers like mine.

New and improved keyboard.

Then there is the speed and precision. I looked into the exact changes to the processor, RAM and storage options and found enough innovation to know that this machine far surpasses my old MacBook. As a writer and digital artist, I was more interested in how it would work for me on a daily basis. Primarily, the keyboard, Touch Bar and battery life. After an hour on this machine I gave my iMac an apologetic glance and had to admit this new machine was going to be my new favorite. The portability alone makes it amazing for what I do.

The MacBook with the best keyboard starts at $2,399. That’s a lot, I know. But his machine is worth it for serious creative professionals looking to get the power and versatility of a desktop in a manageable and portable body. It is also more than enough for coders, video editors and game developers.

Inside the MacBookPro 16

But enough about the cool look, the great keyboard and powerful performance. Let’s see what it looks like on the inside and what our cohorts at iFxit discovered when they dissected this beast.

Although iFixit agreed that the new MacBook Pro 16 offered an impressive array of upgrades and performance options, they were not impressed with the machine’s repairability. So, check out their teardown video and make the decision for yourself.


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