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Macro Parts Inspection with TruView™ PC2

Macro Inspection PC2

In medical device manufacturing, an important aspect of quality assurance can simply be validating quantities of components.  Manual, hand counts can be time-consuming and unreliable. Visual inspection may be difficult to impossible if trying to ensure proper counts are included after packaging. When such counts are critical, more and more device manufactures are utilizing a new tool, the TruView™ PC2 X-ray parts counter.

Originally designed for inventory control and counting of electronic components, TruView™ PC2 has become a favorite across many industries for counting small parts rapidly, accurately, and with ease.  Its custom software and artificial intelligence engine make it the smartest, most capable parts counter in the world.  This small footprint system fits easily into your lab, and because it is designed to be mobile, it can be relocated to anywhere it might be needed in your facility.  In addition, this low-cost solution is remarkably easy to use.

While the Tru View™ PC2 can resolve and count even the smallest components, its large viewing area make it extremely versatile in inspection of a wide array of products.  Packaged surgical or other medical kits, for example, are quickly and easily imaged, and analysis is performed by software including our custom artificial intelligence (AI) engine.  This enables inspection for parts presence/absence, orientation, or other established requirements, even in packaged goods, all without compromising sterilization.

What is your parts counting or validation challenge?  Reach out to us today, and we’ll show you how the TruView™ PC2 X-ray system can help.

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