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Marketplace Tech on Counterfeit Chips


When we recently heard a story on Marketplace Tech about the semiconductor shortage, we had to reach out and share our perspective.  As a result, Marketplace Tech reporter Marielle Segarra interviewed Creative Electron’s Dr. Bill Cardoso to learn more.  Dr. Cardoso has spent the better part of the last year sounding the alarm about to risk of counterfeit chips entering the market to fill the void.

No chips. Fake chips. The computer chip issues are still with us.

It’s a terrific conversation and shines a spotlight on one of the overlooked aspects of the semiconductor shortage.  We hope that stories like this help grow awareness of the potential for counterfeit and substandard components to corrupt inventories and ultimately damage products.  We are appreciative of Ms. Segarra for helping to share this important story with the Marketplace audience.

If you have questions about how avoid falling victim to counterfeit electronic components, please reach out.  We’d be happy to share more information.

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