Medical Device X-ray Inspection

Leading medical device manufacturers trust TruView™ X-ray inspection systems to support their quality assurance efforts. These tools inspect thousands of medical devices every hour, preventing defects from reaching consumers. Whether an easy-to-use manual machine or a fully automated inline system, a TruView™ X-ray inspection system is the ultimate quality assurance tool.

TruView™ X-ray systems come with:

  • “Wow, I didn’t know you could see that” image quality
  • Real time X-ray with instantaneous image acquisition
  • Domestic design, manufacturing, and support
  • Off the shelf, or fully custom integrations
  • The most user-friendly imaging software in the industry

Quality Assurance

Parts Placement

Bubble Detection

TruView™ X-ray systems validate catheters, infusion pumps, injectables, implantable devices, surgical trays and more. Compact benchtop systems are great for R&D and FA labs. Cabinet systems can accommodate large or multiple small samples. While we offer a range standard machines, many medical device manufacturers depend on Creative Electron’s expertise in designing and integrating customized inspection tool specific to their requirements.

Case Studies

Integrated-Catheter-Inspection Case Study
Auto Injector Validation
Wheres-my-Scalpel-Case Study


Medical Device Inspection Made Easy

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Validating Autoinjector Pens

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Medical Device Inspection Made Easy

Medical Device Inspection Made Easy

X-ray inspection has proven to be one of the most effective methods of ensuring the quality of many life-sustaining products, from auto-injectors, to surgical kits,… Read More.

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