Medical Device Manufacturing

It was 1816 when French physician René Laennec invented the stethoscope – and launched medicine in an incredible path of discovery. The main shift set by Laennec was the ability to observe the human body from the outside, without having to open it. Advancements in electronics – from packaging miniaturization to battery efficiency – consolidated the medical device industry we know today.

These advances come with a price. The cost of evolution is the expectation that medical devices “just work”. After all, lives depend on it. Reliability is implied. Your TruView™ X-ray system will assist you in assuring your customers that the product you ship meets – and exceeds – their expectations. Our custom algorithms can automatically find defects on your assemblies while keeping full documentation and traceability for each device TruView™ looks at. Our robots can load and unload product in and out of the machine. Bad product can be locked in the system, so there is no risk it will be mixed with good product.

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Counterfeit components are not just an inconvenience – they can be the difference between life and death. Hundreds of companies use TruViewTM X-ray inspection systems in a daily basis to mitigate the risk of counterfeit components.


Line stoppages are costly and strategically damaging. Proper inventory control start with the correct determination of parts in hand. TruView™ Parts Counter is your best ally making sure you know what you have in stock – and what you don’t.


The adoption of modern electronics in medical devices has exposed the industry to all the issues found in these devices. Thus, a proper inspection of BTCs must be conducted to assure the assembly of a reliable device.

Bottom-Terminated<br>Components<br>(BGA, QFN, CSP)

Through hole via fill (or barrel fill) is critical for electrical connection as well as mechanical strength. With TruViewTM X-ray systems, you can see into the barrel or have them automatically measured for pass/fail analysis.

Through<br>Hole Via

TruView X-ray systems are built and trained to locate critical parts within the final assembly of your device. This includes counting springs, measuring distances, finding bubbles, and more. You build it, we inspect it.

Parts &<br>Placement

Making a strong and durable connection is critical for any system. Knowing that your pin connectors’ wells are full of solder gives you the confidence to deliver on the expectations of your customers. TruViewTM X-ray inspection will help you truly come through.

Cables and<br>Connectors

There are many layers to battery inspection. Depending on the battery type, resolving the layers themselves can be critical. The anode and cathode connections presence and alignment not only show pass/fail but also are signs of counterfeits.


Computed Tomography, or CT, is valuable tool for inspecting products in full 3D. The product is spun a full 360 degrees while hundreds or thousands of X-ray images are acquired. Powerful software then reconstructs a model that can be spun, sliced, and even printed with additive manufacturing.

Computed Tomography