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Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6 teardown!

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6!A great machine! But tough to fix…

Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a great machine, even by Microsoft’s lofty standards. Raw speed, a gorgeous screen and one of the best keyboards in the business. And it has all been packed into one slim, sexy package. The Surface Pro is, hands down, one of the best business hybrid out there.

Microsoft’s fifth-generation, the Surface Pro 6, has been released worldwide, boasting eighth-generation Intel Core processors and some tweaks to its configurations. In partnership with our friends at iFixit, we x-rayed this beautiful machine to coincide with their teardown. Take a good look inside the machine from their teardown and look at the tech beauty through our x-rays. Be warned, as before with other Pro series machines, this is NOT and easy machine to repair. Rated a 1 on iFixit’s scale of ten in reparability. Click the link below to see the full procedure.

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