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MiraCosta Technology Career Institute – New home of a TruView™ Cube

Creative Electron has been working with MiraCosta’s Technology Career Institute for years, receiving students for shadowing, and internships.  Our ties go deep, as our founder and CEO, Dr. Bill Cardoso, serves on the colleges’ foundation board. The relationship has born the most valuable fruit, as a number of our talented team members set their technology careers in motion as students in MiraCosta’s TCI.

Pictured below is Linda Kurokawa, Executive Director, and Kris Rolfson, Engineering Instructor, with the TruView™ Cube and all of their awesome equipment in their engineering lab.

Creative Electron enthusiastically contributed one of our state-of-the-art X-ray systems to their engineering lab.  This system will allow the students to not only get familiar with X-ray inspection as they troubleshoot their creations, but we have opened up the controls of the system for them to write their own programs to control the movement, source, and image capture on the machine. We are really pleased to support MiraCosta’s Technology Career Institute, as well as their students, and greatly appreciate their contribution to our community and the local economy.

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