Non-Destructive Testing

We have a wide range of options to support your NDT radiography efforts. We can supply you with film and chemistry – stocked at our facility in San Marcos, CA and shipped same day. When it comes time to migrate to the digital world, we’re here to help you through the process. We offer a wide range of computed radiography (CR) plates with different sizes and sensitivities to match your film setup. Or we can assist you with moving to digital radiography (DR) with several options to fit your inspection requirements. Our X-ray source options start at microfocus 80kV units to over 300kV guns. A wide range to best fit your needs.

To further augment our offering, you also have the option to select one of our real-time cabinet units. When associated with our custom algorithms and robotic systems, we can work together on an end-to-end solution to perfectly match your application.

Our solution is as unique as your application. Don’t hesitate to call us today.


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There isn’t much more reassuring on a high-reliability product than to have a final X-ray inspection of the product to verify that all the parts are where they should be. Confirming orientation of a needle, the right number of coils on a spring, or the proper amount of fill in a vial are all crucial.

Parts &<br>Placement

There are many layers to battery inspection. Depending on the battery type, resolving the layers themselves can be critical. The anode and cathode connections presence and alignment not only show pass/fail but also are signs of counterfeits.


3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is still progressing strongly. Seeing the internal structure, porosity, and other defects is a huge advantage towards making strong designs.

3D Printing

Critical castings should be inspected for weak spots due to porosity as well as shrinkage and hot tears.


Computed Tomography, or CT, is valuable tool for inspecting products in full 3D. The product is spun a full 360 degrees while hundreds or thousands of X-ray images are acquired. Powerful software then reconstructs a model that can be spun, sliced, and even printed with additive manufacturing.

Computed Tomography