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New Apple TV Teardown with iFixit

Apple TV 2021

Our pals at iFixit are right back at it with their teardown of the 2021 Apple TV 4K.  Not a ton of surprises with this one compared to its predecessor, though it does receive a better reparability than we are used to seeing from Apple products.  Their video features our very cool 360 X-ray of the remote.

With few notable highlights to the box, we focused on the remote, and provided this terrific X-ray image. At first blush, disassembly looks to be straightforward, with a couple of screws located a the bottom of the remote, but those hopes are dashed.  Undeterred, the iFixit team presses on, with gentle but persistent force, to reveal all of the new remote’s secrets.  Watch their video to get the details and see their verdict on reparability.

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