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New MacBook Pro Teardown

It’s no secret I’ve been using MacBook Pros as my primary computer for over a decade now. I must admit that in the past couple of years I’ve found myself looking jealously at my colleagues who brag about their Surface Pros. The Surface Pro 4 is an amazing machine, one I’ve considered as my next laptop. However, when I think about all the apps I’d have to give up… well, I’m back to the MacBook Pro. Needless to say the launch of the new line of MacBook Pros last week was very exciting news – perhaps the excuse I need to upgrade my 2013 machine!
We received our 13″ MacBook Pro this morning, and the first stop was inside TruView Prime S with a 17″x17″ flat panel. We also took a few photos showing the 2013 MacBook Pro against its successor. For a more detailed teardown please visit our friends at ifixit and let us know what you think!

MacBook Pro 2013

MacBook Pro 2016

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