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Refurbished X-Ray Systems

Creative Electron launched today a new division focused on the sale and rental of refurbished x-ray inspection systems. Led by industry veteran and Customer Service Manager David Phillips, this new division focuses on meeting the needs of customers looking for cost effective x-ray machines.
“The acquisition of FocalSpot gave us access to a large number of high quality x-ray machines we received as trade ins. These machines have been completely refurbished and are fully warranted by our technical team. We currently have the largest inventory of x-ray systems ready to ship. These systems are also available for rental to supply our customers with a temporary x-ray solution,” said David Phillips. You can check our current inventory of refurbished x-ray systems here.
All refurbished x-ray machines come with a factory 90-day warranty and are powered by Creative Electron’s TruView IP, a state of the art image processing unit running on the latest Microsoft OS. TruView IP can also include powerful apps – BGA Inspector, Dual Energy, WISE, Pad Voiding, 3D Rendering, Database Browser, Measurement, Annotation, Image Filters. These apps bring new life to any x-ray inspection system.
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