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OnePlus 2 = Awesome Teardown

Here’s another awesome teardown with our great friends at iFixit.  The OnePlus 2 is the OnePlus’ newest venture in the world of smartphones. The self proclaimed “Flagship Killer”, the OnePlus 2 (can we call it 3?) has very competitive specs. Starting at $329, this is an interesting option to those looking for an Android experience.

Here’s one of the x-ray images you’ll find in the teardown. One of the highly publicized items of the OnePlus 2 is its 13MP camera. Wonder what OnePlus has to say about it?

“Despite being a go-to measure for smartphone cameras, megapixels fail to tell the whole story. The true test of a camera is the quality of its image sensor and optics. Our sensor contains large 1.3µm light-collecting pixels—the biggest ever in a 13MP smartphone camera—for unmatched low-light performance. A six-element lens prevents distortion, making sure that photos are clear and crisp. Day or night, make every shot beautiful.”

And here it is from the inside out!


Guess what the OnePlus 2 looks when taken apart? No need to guess, here it is.


For these and much more, check out the complete teardown here. And don’t miss the amazing video:

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