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OnLogic: Industrial Computing for Advanced X-ray

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X-ray system manufacturers have long relied on commercially available, off-the-shelf computer hardware to run X-ray system controls and imaging software.  But when applications demand greater computing power in order to integrate artificial intelligence for advanced inspection solutions, Creative Electron turns to OnLogic for premium, customizable computer hardware.

Developing a partnership with OnLogic allows Creative Electron to offer our customers robust, reliable equipment with the power to drive AI software and machine learning tools.  As we develop X-ray inspection systems tailored specifically to our client’s inspection needs, we know we can count on OnLogic to support the processing requirements for advanced software capabilities.

For our clients with sensitive security needs, OnLogic is a perfect choice.  Their commitment to customization and configurability means we can offer systems with features such as removable hard drives, and absent features like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.  Their systems can also be counted on to remain reliable under heavy use in harsh environments, making them well suited for a wide range of custom applications.

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