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Our 600 Mile Supply Chain, Made in USA

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At Creative Electron, we are frequently reminded that we don’t have to source everything for our X-ray systems domestically. There is a constant stream of offers from overseas vendors claiming to provide similar quality components at seductively low prices. Truth be told, we could skip the design and manufacturing of X-ray systems altogether, and simply rebrand products from foreign manufacturers and focus all our energy on sales and marketing. But for us, “Made in USA” has real meaning as well as genuinely tangible benefits.

Creative Electron founder and CEO, Dr. Bill Cardoso, has a classic origin story that predisposes him to source and manufacture in America. As an immigrant to the United States, whose first opportunity turned into a 10-year run at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab), followed by the garage startup that is now Creative Electron, Dr. Cardoso appreciates the opportunities he’s had here. As a result, Creative Electron is committed to sourcing and manufacturing in the U.S., creating jobs in our local community, and giving back. That’s why our team serves in different board like MiraCosta College, SMTA, and Illinois Institute of Technology. Our X-ray van is often found in school science fairs and community events. We’re geeks at heart – and we don’t miss an opportunity to share that with our neighbors.

There’s another feel-good aspect of designing and manufacturing our X-ray inspection systems that remarketing machines made by others just wouldn’t provide. Making X-ray systems scratches our itch. Creative Electron is built around a team of makers who are talented, creative, and innovative. Building X-ray solutions, not just X-ray systems, with custom features not available elsewhere in the marketplace is tremendously satisfying. It also serves our customers much better than just shoehorning them into cookie-cutter machines.

Not only are we committed to sourcing and manufacturing domestically, but we’ve also managed to keep our supply chain to a tight 600 miles. Can you say “farm to table X-ray machines?” Dad jokes aside, we realize real value in keeping it as local as possible. Of course, we can’t put a price on it, but there’s genuine satisfaction in supporting our local economy, our friends and neighbors. But it’s more than just that. It would be hard to put a price on it, but we are also able to cultivate meaningful relationships with our vendors that prove to be invaluable when we are pressing to develop that next bespoke cabinet or custom software capability (see our custom solutions). And of course, we can absolutely put a price on the cost savings in transportation… those cabinets are heavy!

We make in America and we encourage others to join us.

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