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Our New Patent: Look Who’s Gettin’ Creative


Like all business, we sometimes look to our competitors for inspiration, but rather than producing copycat products, we always look for a new angle. Our newest patent is just that, a new angle, and it enabled us to completely rethink our TruView™ Parts Counter 2 (PC2).

Parts counters are an important tool for modern inventory management, but why are most of these systems so huge?  The answer is, in part, a matter of physics, though it also comes down to creativity or rather a lack thereof.  Most simply, the conical-shaped beam that an X-ray tube emits can cause components that are farther from the center of the beam to appear elongated in the image, what we call parallax.  The parallax can result in an image in which components appear to overlap, making it difficult for software to provide an accurate count.  The simplest approach to overcoming parallax is to increase the source to sample distance so that a reel of parts being counted can avoid being imaged by the outer edge of the beam cone.  But this approach requires that systems be taller, have higher power (more expensive) X-ray sources, and as a result, significantly more lead shielding.

Not unlike (ok, somewhat unlike) when Alec Issigonis designed the transverse engine into the Morris Mini, Dr. Bill Cardoso and the team at Creative Electron looked at the challenge of parallax from an entirely different angle.  Their solution, arguably even more elegant than Issigonis’, simply angle the samples such that they are substantially aligned to the X-ray beam, and virtually eliminating parallax. In both cases, the result is all the power you need, plenty of room inside, in a compact design on four wheels.

In the case of Morris Motors, the result was an absolute icon.  For Creative Electron, it’s the remarkably compact, yet powerful, TruView™ PC2, and a patent awarded for its most important design element.  Creative Electron was recently granted U.S. patent number 10,952,693  for system and method to mitigate x-ray image parallax by tilting the sample.  “We take a great pride in our drive to innovate, rather than just copying others, and the PC2 is just another example of that ethos at work,” said Dr. Cardoso.

The compact, powerful TruView™ PC2 is an agile tool, easily deployed to wherever it is needed within your facility.  Furthermore, you don’t even need to own one.  If your need for a parts counter is only periodic, consider our rental program.  Please reach out with any question.


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