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Our visit from Strange Parts!

We at Creative Electron were thrilled by our visit from Scotty Allen from Strange Parts! What a day we had. And, yes, he was just as friendly and excited as he seems on his YouTube channel! The best way to describe Scotty – when it comes to tech, he’s like a kid in a candy store. We’ve never met a more curious and enthusiastic person when it comes to “what it is and how it works.” Then there is the “why?” Take a look at what we shared and what he learned. Yes, there was a surprise or two.

What an honor for us to host the guy that builds his own phones and immerses himself into technology all over the globe. What we were able to offer him was an actual look inside the technology he so obviously loves! Scotty received a machine side seat to see what x-ray technology can do and its practical uses for quality control, counterfeit detection and the curiosity factor. Take a look and follow Scotty while he gets the tour, uses our TruView to compare a “real” cellphone to his self-built one. The results discovered strange parts, just like his show


We also want to thank everybody that liked our post, engaged with comments and asked some very good questions. Watch for our answers to those questions and other great info very soon.


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