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Ōura Ring 2 Teardown with iFixit

The Ōura Ring 2 is a compelling bit of tech, perhaps on your radar because they were recently distributed to NBA players in order to monitor their health as they try to restart their season. The ongoing spread of Covid-19 makes the Ōura Ring 2 of particular interest.  Not only have they teamed up with the NBA, but they are also supporting a University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) study to determine whether data collected by the Ring 2 might be useful in detecting the onset of Covid-19 infection.  The UCSF TemPredict study involves 2000 healthcare workers, and in addition all Ōura Ring 2 users are welcome to participate.  “By taking daily symptom surveys, study participants will directly contribute their observations paired to their data to the UCSF team”(  Depending on study results, the Ōura Ring 2 may turn out to be much more than just another fitness tracker.

For those wondering what inside this tiny package allows it to monitor sleep and heart rate, not to mention recharge wirelessly, iFixit’s Ōura Ring 2 teardown is a great place to start.  Aided again by some terrific X-ray images provided by Creative Electron, iFixit digs into the details of this unique bit of technology.

Here’s another look at that rotating X-ray image:

Obviously, iFixit can’t include all the images we provide in their video, so here they are for you to check out. To acquire these, we put them into our test cabinet as seen here:

Sensor 1

Sensor 2

Sensor 3


Wireless charging

The charging base

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