Parts Counting

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Proper control of your inventory is critical to avoid line stoppage and cash waste. Too little inventory can mean costly disruptions to your  manufacturing; too much inventory can mean valuable cash sitting idle on your shelves.

With TruView™ PC2 you can execute timely and accurate counting of your parts to keep your inventories leaner, reduce line-down situations, and minimize costs by shipping the right amount every time.

The TruView™ PC2 counts nearly anything with amazing speeds while keeping the parts safely within their packaging. From SMT reels, trays, and tubes for the electronics industries, to glass parts for medical uses.

Contact us to have an engineer work with you to count your products accurately and quickly.

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SMD Components

The TruView™ PC2 counts either a single large reel or four 7″ reels at a time. Our in-house software team can integrate the system into your MRP for constant updates and a live, accurate inventory.

SMD Components

Semiconductor Bare Die

To ensure the proper quantity in shipping or receiving, TruView™ X-ray systems can count the die in a pack without opening and disturbing the fragile contents. The software can be packaged on the TruView™ Cube, allowing a small form factor (16″x16″) ideal for cleanrooms and laboratories where space is premium.

Semiconductor<br>Bare Die

Coils on a Spring

The energy in a spring is determined by the material used and the number of coils in the spring. Part of knowing that your device is going to work properly is knowing that the spring is placed properly with the correct number of coils.

Coils on a Spring

Medical Parts

Small medical parts that are difficult to handle and count by hand and too critical to be counted by weight can be counted in a single layer using a TruView™ X-ray inspection system.

Medical Parts
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