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Parts, Placement, and Presence

Verifying the correct placement, presence, and orientation of parts in an assembly is impossible without the power of X-ray vision.

The TruView™ X-ray inspection systems can be used by a trained operator to visually verify critical components. Or it can be powered by our custom algorithms to automatically verify the presence and placement of parts for you, thus replacing the operator.

Our artificial intelligence (AI) engines can take your inspection one step further. Not only can TruView™ X-ray detect the presence and placement of a component, it can also identify it. It can, for example, tell you that part A is missing while two of part B are included in the package.

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Medical Kits

Once a medical kit has been sterilized and sealed in an opaque package, verification of all the pieces of the kit requires X-ray. TruView™ X-ray are developed to handle your kit through the machine so that the software can automatically verify the presence of every piece with data storage for future reference.

Medical Devices

TruView™ X-ray systems are built and trained to locate critical parts within the final assembly of your device. This includes counting springs, measuring distances, finding bubbles, and more. You build it, we inspect it.

Golf Balls

TruView™ systems can be used to automatically locate the center of a ball and measure the concentricity of the various layers. TruView™ X-ray can also identify and locate impurities inside the ball.

Smart Footballs

The best way to ensure that the electronics are mounted safely in the football, the ball should be inflated, and X-ray inspected. This gives you a clear view of the battery, sensors, and solder joints if the PCBA needs to be inspected again.

Bubbles, Voids, and Porosity

Air bubbles can cause a wide range of problems. From inkjet cartridges to vials of medicine, it helps to know that you have the correct volume. The TruView™ X-ray system can find, measure, and identify bubbles, voids, and porosity inside your sample.


Electronic assemblies require the proper placement and presence of a myriad of components. TruView™ X-ray is a critical asset in your quality assurance efforts.

Bullet Proof Plates

The TruView™ X-ray system can image an entire bullet proof (armor) plate  to show defects such as cracks, delamination, and foreign object debris (FOD).


Identifying the presence of germination and the absence of infestation are both required in controlling the quality of a shipment of seeds.