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Future Proof Your X-ray Machine

Save Money & Minimize Downtime

Don’t miss the opportunity to stock up on the critical parts that keep your machine running. Although improved, leads times are still far from normal. We try to keep them in stock, but depending on demand you may experience weeks or months of downtime. Here’s how this Creative program works:

  1. Based on your operation, needs, application, and system model, we will supply you with critical parts to keep your x-ray machine working.
  2. You hold the inventory of spare parts.
  3. If you have an issue with your machine, one of our technicians is deployed to your facility to repair your system with your spare parts.
  4. The defective parts are brought back to Creative Electron. If they can factory refurbished or repaired, we’ll send them back to your spare parts inventory. Otherwise, we’ll supply you with a new spare part.
  5. Your machine is back running with minimal downtime.

Having your own stock of these mission critical parts allows you to:

  • Future proof your x-ray machine: As it is the case with any electronic equipment, the components in your x-ray machine eventually reach end of life. If not properly managed, obsolescence may lead to costly substitutions. In some cases, the acquisition of a new system is more cost effective than fixing it.
  • Minimize downtime: nothing worse than having your machine down when that big customer calls you with an order that depends on x-ray inspection! Your stock of parts allows to promptly get your system back up.
  • Save money: the ability to hold your spare part inventory allows you to manage repair costs when ahead of time – not during an emergency.

The investment you made on your x-ray machine was a significant one.

Call us today to make sure you get your return on investment as soon as possible – and without costly interruptions.


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Custom Systems

Application Specific X-ray Solutions

An X-ray system as unique as your product. Design and build your ideal solution with options like robotics, conveyors, automation, and AI.

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