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Quality Comes at a Cost

Quality always comes at a cost.  Because the X-ray inspection systems that Creative Electron produces are most often employed for quality control, founder and CEO, Dr. Bill Cardoso has long been attuned to the relationship between quality and cost.  So much so, in fact, that it’s the topic of his latest X-rayted Files column for I-Connect 007 (read it here).  Never one to miss an opportunity to slide in a historical reference (or a strait up history lesson for his younger audience), Dr. Cardoso reminds us of the cautionary tale of the Ford Pinto in exploring the balance that must be struck between these competing interests.


One of the most common questions we field is “What does an X-ray machine cost?”  While his column doesn’t exactly answer the question, Dr. Cardoso does offer some detail regarding the elements that drive X-ray system cost.  Ford’s experience with the Pinto, then, serves to remind us that we might better ask “what is the cost of not having an X-ray system?” Please reach out to us if you’d like to explore either question in more detail.


photo credit: aldenjewell via (license)

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