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Free Webinar: Quality Control to Material Management – an Introduction to X-Ray Technology

January 30, 2018 at 10AM PST

X-rays have been used in manufacturing activities for over 100 years. From the simple identification of missing parts inside a sealed box to the detailed inspection of a jet turbine, x-ray technology has become ubiquitous in several manufacturing activities. In this webinar we will focus on the uses on x-ray technology in the electronic assembly industry, from the inspection of ball grid arrays (BGA) and quad-flat no-leads (QFN), to counting components in reels, to complex computed tomography operations. It is not our objective to make you an expert in any of these areas, but instead to introduce you to these diverse topics. The ideal audience for this webinar are those in management positions in the SMT industry – who need to understand enough of each activity to know when to deploy them to solve everyday production problems. To accommodate your busy schedule, we’ve limited each topic to a 15 minute talk, presented live by Dr. Bill Cardoso and Dr. Glen Thomas, both experts in x-ray inspection with a combined 50 year experience in the field.  

The topics included in this 1 hour webinar include:

10:00AM – Why x-rays are used to inspect bottom-terminated components (BGA, LED, QFN, etc.)? How to interpret the results you get?

10:15AM – Material Management 4.0 – how to bring my inventory room to the 21st century?

10:30AM – When should I use Computed Tomography?

10:45AM – X-ray and rework – how to figure out what machines do I really need?

To register please email us at with your complete contact info. We’ll email you back the details on how to log in to attend this webinar.

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