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Reel to Real: An X-Ray Parts Counter


Counting parts is an integral part of any inventory control activity. Inventory is cash, and the ability to quickly assess how many parts you have in inventory is critical to the success of any manufacturing company. Counting parts on reels has been a daunting task: open the ESD bag, load the reel-to-reel counter, run it, re-reel, place reel back in the ESD bag. Of course, hope no damage was done to the components in the process. Ah, since the parts counter counts the number of holes in the tape (not the components per se), also hope the count is close enough to reality.

Large area x-ray detectors allow us to take a large image of a reel of components, like the one seen here:

Then using custom software, we count how many components are in the reel. That’s it, simple and direct – and accurate – counting for your inventory control. To make things even easier, we embedded this functionally to our TruView SRT, which gives you simple and fast operation.

Check out our demonstration video, and as usual, contact us if you have any questions.

TruView™ SRT with Parts Counter

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