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Reflecting on 2021: Culture Counts!

As I reflect on 2021, I don’t really know where to start. I’m inclined to open with gratitude. Or, should I start with admiration? Pride? Honestly, in contrast to 2020, this past year leaves me nearly speechless… nearly.

2020 was a (insert the expletive of your choice), but it served an important function that made this year’s unprecedented growth possible. The wake of the previous year meant that 2021 would be full of challenges. The onset of the pandemic revealed the true character and resiliency of our organization, and we were left with no doubt that we could handle those challenges. As a team we weathered shortages, delays, logistics challenges, all while satisfying increasing demand for our products and services. It’s made possible by a collective character that doesn’t use the word “can’t,” and the strength and resilience to back that up.

The management team and I set seemingly audacious goals for this year. We all knew that vaccines were coming, and that while the pandemic wasn’t over it was going to be less disruptive, and the trend toward economic recovery was strong. But more importantly (and I mean much more importantly), 2020 had taught us something about our team here at Creative Electron. Some of those lessons are reflected in our core values; things like grit, creativity, and GAS. And it’s important to say that our core values aren’t a wish list, not something to aspire to, but a genuine reflection of the culture we have all created here.

You, yes you, are individually responsible for the culture here at Creative Electron. You are responsible to exhibit creativity in your daily activities. You are required to show grit when things don’t go so smoothly. You must show kindness and respect to your teammates. You absolutely have to give a shit, or you wouldn’t be here. And because you do all these things, I am so grateful, extremely proud, and all of us at Creative Electron are successful.

I know I don’t have to remind any of you that none of what we do is possible without our customers. From engineering, to software, to production, I see all of you thinking about our customers. I see a sales team that cares about getting the right product to end users. Of course, there is our service team, a collection of gymnasts who never fail to impress. Anyway, I know I don’t have to remind you how important our customers are, and I thank you for that too.

Part of me want’s to dispense with all the flowery words and just give each of you a palm stinging high five! We all did it!

Maybe I should just say “Happy holidays, get some rest, and brace yourselves for ’22.” Oh, and thank you to all of our Creatives, as well as all of our customers, sincerely!

Dr. Bill Cardoso

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