Refurbished and
Rental Systems.

Creative Electron, FocalSpot, Nicolet, and Faxitron Machines.

Our acquisition of FocalSpot gave us access to a wide selection of refurbished and used X-ray machines. If a new TruView™ system isn’t for you, we can find a solution that fits your requirements and budget within our refurbished inventory.

Need an X-ray machine for a few hours or a few months? Our extensive inventory of X-ray machines is also available for rental. Rental is a cost effective way to bring X-ray inspection to your organization without having to commit to the capital investment of buying an X-ray machine.

We also buy X-ray machines. Please give us a call if you’re ready to sell your used X-ray system.


Custom Systems

Application Specific X-ray Solutions

An X-ray system as unique as your product. Design and build your ideal solution with options like robotics, conveyors, automation, and AI.

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