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RF Connectors in Low Temperature

In the world of superconductivity, it is true that “the colder the better”. Although electrons enjoy the freedom of cryogenic temperatures, the same cannot be said to connectors. Dr. Marcos Turqueti, from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL) has to deal with the challenges of interfacing to very cold electronics. In recent work with Griffin Lemaster, Creative Electron’s VP of Engineering, Dr. Turqueti is exploring x-ray inspection as a means to “see” inside the connectors at cryogenic temperatures. “Our objective is to determine if the cold temperature will create any disruption in the utilization of these RF connectors,” said Griffin. “For this reason we take images of the connectors at room temperature and compare to the x-ray images takes at lower temperatures”. As seen in the following image (taken using the Dual Energy Software), it is clear when the connection inside the couple connectors break.

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