We make the best X-ray software in the industry.

Exclusive TruView™ Software

We don’t outsource software. Our TruView™ imaging software solutions are designed and supported by our talented team of software engineers, data scientists, physicists, and mathematicians. Made in USA from our headquarters in San Marcos, CA.

Our advanced software remains remarkably easy to use. TruView™ incorporates automation and artificial intelligence and can be customized to YOUR specific application.


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TruView™ 12 X-ray Software

TruView™ 12 is the advanced imaging and analysis software that powers all TruView™ X-ray inspection systems. Our standard software includes features for annotation, data acquisition, a complete project browser, and much more. Premium additions are available for industry specific applications, as are custom software solutions.

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TruView™ Inspector

The TruView™ Inspector Software is a powerful upgrade to your TruView™ PC2. This upgrade allows you to quickly and efficiently perform X-ray inspection of your samples – medical devices, PCB, castings – by comparing production units to a known-good sample (reference image, golden sample). TruView™ Inspector runs on our proprietary algorithms that perform image registration and comparison so you can spot check your production without stopping the production line.

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TruView™ Image Processor

So the computer on your Nicolet, FocalSpot, Faxitron, Glenbrook (or any other brand) X-ray machine died or is about to die. Or your X-ray machine is still running a Windows XP or Windows 7 PC. Perhaps you lost the “dongle” to properly operate the X-ray software. Or you’re looking for the latest Apps to help you inspect your samples. No matter what the reason is, the new TruView™ Image Processor (TruView™ IP) may be the solution you’re looking for!

Custom Systems

Application Specific X-ray Solutions

An X-ray system as unique as your product. Design and build your ideal solution with options like robotics, conveyors, automation, and AI.

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