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The All New TruView™ Fusion

We are happy to announce the launch of our new x-ray inspection platform, the TruView™ Fusion! This platform replaces the Number Series (TruView™ 100, 200, 180, etc.). The TruView™ Fusion comes equipped with state of the art software that automatically takes an x-ray image of the whole stage so you can Point-and-Click navigate your inspection using the x-ray image of your entire board. You can also do the same using the optical image of the stage – via an automated vision system installed in the system. These inspection packages make automated batch inspection a simple and easy drag and drop operation!
The TruView™ Fusion also has a tilt compensation system for oblique view inspection. The stage rotation comes handy when inspecting complex components.
What’s even more exciting about the TruView™ Fusion is the wide range of configurations you can choose. The TruView™ Fusion X-Ray is a powerful platform that can be configured in 6 different ways to meet your cost and performance requirements:
TruView™ Fusion A: Load/unload samples using the system’s sliding front door.
TruView™ Fusion B: Load/unload samples using the system’s single side door via conveyor belt.
TruView™ Fusion C: Load samples using the system’s left side door and unload using right door via conveyor belt.
TruView™ Fusion S: Large field of view sensor, up to 17″x17″
TruView™ Fusion R: Reel-to-reel inspection
TruView™ Fusion X: Large format inspection to boards up to 48″x20″

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

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