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The Future of Foldable Devices May Hinge On This!


Despite some early false starts, 2020 is seeing an abundance of foldable devices. Creativity abounds as designers and developers imagine how consumers will utilize these larger, or in some cases, multiple screens. A wide variety is on offer, from the revival of the flip phone in the form of the Motorola Razr and the Samsung Galaxy Z flip to Microsoft’s “is it a phone or a tablet” Surface Duo.

It’s hard to predict what designs will capture our imaginations or wallets, but one thing is certain, their ultimate success will depend on some innovative hinge designs. While you’ll easily be able to get a look at the screen quality (or quirks) for yourself, getting a peek at the inner working of the hinges is a little tougher… unless you know The X-ray People. At Creative Electron, we are curious to see the innovative designs that are developed to support such devices, and as we gather images of them, we’ll be sharing them here. We’ll start with the Microsoft Surface Duo. Enjoy!


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