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The new Samsung 10+ reveal

Samsung Note 10+ X-ray reveal!

Creative Electron prides itself on keeping up with the newest technology. So we were very excited about the release of the new Samsung Note 10+ 5G cell phone and it’s less expensive version, Note 10+. The Note 10+ 5G is a thing of beauty on the outside, the biggest design change compared to other Samsung phones to date. Complete with an introduction of a full-screen display with a punch-hole for the front-facing camera at the top-center of the screen – making awkward looking selfies a thing of the past. Despite its size, the Note 10+ feels comfortable in the hand and the full face screen gives it a sense of elegance. Check out the inside of the phone with the link below.

Click here for the teardown video on

On the bottom edge of the phone, you’ll find the USB-C connector in the center as well as the speaker. Don’t go looking for a jack for your earbuds, that space has been replaced with the S-Pen. (see X-ray video below) But don’t worry, BlueTooth listening devices work great with this phone and no more tangled wires!  This great addition makes it possible to write notes directly on your screen. Thus, the name ‘Note 10+’.

Even with a larger screen, the handling is easy with the edge of the phone uninterrupted because the frame of the phone is premium metal and the back is made of glass. Very cool! The color options are Aura Glow (a combination of blue and white), Aura Black and Aura Pink. The left edge of the phone is home to the volume rocker with the power button below. Samsung has opted to kill the Bixby button that has appeared on a lot of recent Samsung flagships – to activate that feature you now hold down the power button for a few seconds, which is a far more efficient solution.

[wpvideo uVIwToR6]

Check out this motion X-ray of the new stylus!

Okay, we’ve told you how beautiful it is on the outside, but we’re more interested in what we will see on the inside. For that, we went straight to the TruView x-ray machine. What we found was a new configuration, a very efficient battery, a camera that includes the original three lens options on the back and a selfie lens placed so the photographer is looking right into the lens. The phone has a new Live Focus Video system that enables you to capture ‘bokeh’ background effects (Clear portrait with blurred background.) The US phones come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, which allows Samsung to make a chipset that is smaller but more efficient.

Okay, now let’s take a look inside…

The phone is packing 8GB of RAM, and available with 256GB of storage. Our scan showed no charging port. Yes, it’s wireless! With that function on hand, you’ll also be able to use Samsung’s Wireless ‘PowerShare’ feature to charge compatible devices like headphones, smartwatches or other phones from your Note 10+.

The Note 10+ 5G can add more RAM and the 512GB option, both of which have microSD support. The Note 10+5G, therefore, positions itself as the slightly more powerful handset, although we suspect the real-world performance of the 10+ will be similar to the average user. All in all, we discovered that both of the Note 10+ phones pack a lot of tech in a comfortable but bigger and more luxurious package. In our opinion, you can’t go wrong either way. It will depend on how many bells and whistles you want and how many options you want and how much storage you need.

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